How afriZone.SHOP Works


Selling Services on afriZone.SHOP allows Fresh BOBs, Growing BOBs and Expert BOBs, like Clothing & Accessories, Hairdressers, Handymen and Electricians and much more, to sell their services directly to afriZone.SHOP customers both in their area and worldwide. The monthly selling plans include incredible benefits to help those just starting out and those looking to grow their business.



As a BOB, you will see that afriZone.SHOP offers unique tools and features to scale your business. These are included with your account and can be used to flexibly manage your business utilizing your own customer service, marketing, and inventory management. Here are some of the top benefits of selling on afriZone.SHOP:

  • Reach global customers
  • Zero upfront cost: There are no start-up fees and no advertisement fees – simply subscribe for a free trial.
  • Start selling quickly without creating a website.
  • Reach afriZone.SHOP customers in your area and globally to grow your business.
  • Share and earn residual income.

To start selling on afriZone.SHOP you MUST be a Black Owned Business (BOB):

Decide what you want to sell

More than 25 product categories are open to all BOBs.

Choose a selling plan

All BOBs can enjoy the flexibility of choosing to sell with our three BOB plans. The Expert BOBs plan gives you the opportunity to sell up to 500 products and pay a £17.99 monthly subscription fee. The Growing BOBs plan gives you the opportunity to sell up to 10 products and pay a £12.99 monthly subscription fee. Fresh BOBs pay just £9.99 per month and can sell up to 3 products. Expert, Growing and Fresh BOBs pay other selling fees when an item sells.

Learn more about plans and pricing ›

Register and start listing

Create your account on afriZone.SHOP, the Web interface where you will also manage your selling account. Login to your Dashboard and complete your account information to make sure you provide all the information you want your customers to see about your BOB. Ensure you complete your bank details to avoid delays in getting paid!

1. List your products

You can add products to your afriZone.SHOP catalogue one at a time or you can add large batches of items using bulk tools.

2. Sell

Payment for the balance of your orders (net of afriZone.SHOP fees) is deposited into your bank account, and you receive notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.


All BOBs are notified when a customer places an order. All BOBs are responsible for handling shipping. afriZone.SHOP will be offering a fulfilment centre service for all our BOBs very soon.

4.Get paid

All deposit are paid straight into your bank account at regular intervals. You will receive a notification when your payment has been sent.