Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Features

Why Is There A Checkout Limit? / What Are All The Checkout Limits?

afriZone.SHOP is a popular spot and gets lots of shoppers at a time. These limits are in place to make sure everyone has a good time trying and purchasing their products.

Why Must I Make Payment Immediately At Checkout?

afriZone.SHOP ordering is on ‘first-come-first-served’ basis. To ensure that you get your desired products, it is recommended that you make your payment within 60 minutes of checking out.

How Do I Get My Rewards?

Under “Rewards” tab of the side menu, you can view your afriReward points earned. You can also view the dates on which it was credited to your account along with the description.

Do My Rewards Last Forever?

afriRewards earned on referrals last forever, although afriRewards earned on referral first purchase expire after 90 days.

What Other Rewards Can I Get?

Become an Affiliate and share your link with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email. Affiliates earn 5% commission.

Can I Save My Favourite Items & Shops?

You can add products or shops in this section. Groups can also be created in order to add multiple products in a single group. Shops cannot be added in group. You can view or delete any list you create.