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afriZone.SHOP gives Black Owned Businesses (BOBs) access to a worldwide customer base.

afriZone.SHOP is the leading platform that provides you with the rare opportunity to truly empower your business with free access to a global market.

afriZone.SHOP is brought to you by Afristoricals and can be accessed on our app UmojApp.


In a world exposed to various choices, people want simple and convenient ways to buy products and services from BOBs.

The desire to buy from BOBs comes from the need to keep financial wealth circulating within the global Black community for longer than the current 6 minutes. This is the current length of time money earned by people of African descent is spent circulating within the global Black Community before being spent with other communities.

Money earned within the Asian community circulates for 1 month before leaving for other communities and the duration is 2 months for the Jewish community. 


Here at afriZone.SHOP, we give you the opportunity to experience products and services from hundreds of BOBs around the world.  

We aim to keep Black Wealth circulating within our community for longer than 6 minutes!

Whether you're buying, selling or earning residual income – afriZone.SHOP has everything you need to access the best BOBs in the world.

Buy quality products, run your BOB on the go or earn residual income as you refer - afriZone.SHOP makes it easy for you to grow your BOB and market to the world.

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